Simple Advertising Materials for Your Restaurant

Wherever you are in the world, restaurants are always competing with each other, especially on the same street. They compete with service, prices, and atmosphere. They all want to be the best, and a sandwich board can be a step-up from another restaurant.

A sandwich board is a sign outside of your restaurant trying to attract customers by listing specials, menus, and attractive copy. Some people might think this is an old tactic that doesn’t work anymore, but that is not the case.

The Benefits of Adding a Sandwich Board

The benefits are plentiful when it comes to adding a custom designed sandwich board outside of your restaurant.

  • Promotion – staying visible outside of your restaurant is most important. Potential customers may see your sign on the building, but they have nothing that is attracting them to go into the restaurant. By adding a simple sandwich board with specials, menu options, and a creative text that is clever will make them stop and consider.
  • Creative Copy – when you add creative copy, taglines, and funny anecdotes that are relatable, you’ll immediately gain interest from these customers. They will become intrigued on the atmosphere.
  • Bigger – the text and copy need to be readable for the potential customer. It also needs to be eye-catching with different colors and characters that will make the customer walk across the street to look at.

What You Can Put on the Board

Ultimately, it is all up to you. Your customization with what goes on the board is on you because it’s your restaurant. If you don’t have an idea on what you’d like to put on the board, here are some ideas:

  • Daily Specials
  • Limited Edition Menu Items
  • Quotes and Taglines
  • Colorful Art

Identity Graphics

At Identity Graphics, our design team will get your message across with a creative and artistic look. We print, build, and then install for your convenience. Our fabrication team has over 30 years of experience in the sign industry. If you’re looking to make your restaurant more attractive with a sandwich board, contact Identity Graphics at 843-879-3985 today!


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