How Fonts Play a Role in Advertising

Picking the right font plays a huge role in advertising your business. When picking a font for a business sign, ad, display, etc., you need to have something that reads well and is attractive, or else your customers or clients may not be able to read it.

Font Size and Type

It’s important to pick a font that stands out for your brand, but it also needs to be readable for the viewer. This is crucial for advertising your brand out in the public. Making a first impression is everything for the good of your business, and when you have a clear sign that is readable for a customer and looks appealing, they’ll feel much better about walking into your store.

Simple types are easy to read. Don’t get fancy and bubbly because you think it would look interesting and unique to your business. If you’re trying to attract a wide demographic, you’ll need to cater to everyone if you want their business.

Font size is also very important for readability. The size must be perfect, which means it cannot be too small, but also cannot be too big. If it’s extremely large, it may come off as too aggressive. If it’s too small of a font size, you’ll get some people who won’t notice it.

For Signs and Signage

An important note is to keep everything constant with font style throughout all of your advertising. When it comes to corporate signage, you’ll want to keep the sign above your business the same font as the copy on your website, printed banners, posters, etc.

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