Reasons to Refresh Your Business Branding This Summer

As we get into the summer season, restaurants, small boutique shops, and other businesses will be opening their doors, windows, and patios for their customers to enjoy the outdoors at their establishments. For a business’s brand, it’s important that it is represented attractively this summer season as many people will have their eyes on it.

So, how can businesses refresh their brand for the summer outdoor season? Here are a few ways to do so.

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New Brand Signs for Storefront

One of the biggest advantages you can give your business is giving it a new brand sign for your storefront. If you live in an area where severe storms occur during the rougher weather months of the year, damages can build up with your signs. Having a professional signage and graphic company digitally print and install a new storefront sign can help your business this summer.

Printed Banners for Promotions

For restaurants, contractors, and bars, printed banners will ultimately increase your consumers and customers numbers. If you have promotions on products or services, banners can display these things inside and outside of your store. Plus, creating beautiful advertising will help to retain customers and bring in potential ones for the summer.

Fleet & Vehicle Identification

Many contractors and small businesses that work on the road have their vehicles driving all over town and the surrounding areas. Jobs need to get done, appointments need to be fulfilled, and orders need to be delivered. With brand new fleet identification, your vehicles will be able to clearly advertise your business’s brand and contact info. This is free advertising for your company out on the road.

The Benefits of Refreshing Your Brand:

  • Helps Customers Identify Your Company
  • Cost-Effective Marketing
  • Competitive Edge with Other Businesses
  • Gives Your Brand a Fresh, New Look
  • Attracts New and Existing Customers
  • Helps to Promote New Products/Services

At Identity Graphics, our job is to work with you to create and print new graphics and signs for your business. If you’re looking to boost your brand this summer, we can offer a wide range of signage and graphic services including Flatbed UV printing. Contact us at 843-879-3985 today or visit us online for more information!

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