Why Old School Advertising is Surviving in the Digital World

With the digital world taking over the majority of the industries out there, we’d expect digital marketing to do the same when it comes to advertising and marketing. This might be the case if you look at large corporations and businesses from afar, but when it comes to small businesses, traditional advertising is thriving.

Why is this happening? Well, we could look at the fact that many small businesses thrive in their neighborhoods due to regulars, new locals, and word of mouth advertising. Many older small businesses don’t bother with social media or online marketing because they’ve been in business for decades or they have a solid foundation.

Can Traditional Advertising Help Businesses?

Businesses that have focused solely on digital marketing and advertising might be doing very well, but they could be doing much better by incorporating traditional strategies and techniques. Now, if the business is strictly digital, there would be no reason to, but when it comes to storefront businesses, especially with customers physically entering the store, this is where physical and traditional advertising can help.

For instance, if you own a small business such as a deli, boutique, or even a bar, your marketing should consist of strong traditional advertising. This can help customers on the street gain awareness and knowledge of your business without walking in.

Marketing Follows Digital Algorithms, Advertising is Still Creative

Marketing has completely transformed into digital advertising. At its core, marketing has become a slave to digital algorithms due to the power of google, facebook, and other major search engines or social media platforms. We rely on data of google to understand how we should and when we should market.

Advertising on the other hand is still quite creative and unique. A business can have plenty of fun branching off and becoming a dark horse in a specific industry with creative advertising strategies using traditional techniques.

Tips on Using Traditional Advertising to Your Advantage:

  • Create Storefront Signs and Graphics that are attractive
  • Be Clear and Concise as to what your offering
  • Be transparent with your services/products
  • Remember that the purpose of advertising is to sell

At Identity Graphics, we provide graphics, signs, and signage for small businesses and others alike. We use printing technology and equipment to ensure the delivery of beautiful advertising for your business. If you’re looking to improve your physical storefront, contact Identity Graphics at 843-879-3985 today or visit us online for more information!

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