The Benefits of UV Flatbed Printing

UV flatbed printing for signs and graphics

There are plenty of ways for printing your signs and graphics for your business, but one way can be very beneficial for quality and efficiency. UV Flatbed Printing from Identity Graphics can give you high-quality graphics on a plethora of surfaces of your choice. Spruce up your signs and graphics for your business with some… Read more »

The Importance of Building Your Brand as a Business

Branding for small business

Small businesses, even physical storefronts need to build their brand in order to be successful in their industry. Obviously, not every business owner is perfect when it comes to building a strong brand, but they can be with a little marketing tips and strategies. First and foremost, it’s important to build your brand from the… Read more »

Businesses that Benefit from Fleet & Vehicle Identification

Advertising Graphics for Small Business Vehicles

Running a business, whether that would be a small business, or a growing, large company requires plenty of advertising and marketing strategies to make potential customers and clients aware of your products and services. There are specific businesses that need different types of advertising and marketing to get the word out of their operation. When… Read more »

Why Old School Advertising is Surviving in the Digital World

With the digital world taking over the majority of the industries out there, we’d expect digital marketing to do the same when it comes to advertising and marketing. This might be the case if you look at large corporations and businesses from afar, but when it comes to small businesses, traditional advertising is thriving. Why… Read more »

Importance of Cohesive Advertising for Your Storefront

Storefront advertising and signage

What sticks out to you when you think of a popular business or establishment like Target? Most likely, it’s that big red target logo. Their stores are lined with that same red coloring, logo, and text. Target stores stand out from their competitors because of their cohesive branding.  Cohesive advertising signs and graphics are important… Read more »

Invest in Long-Lasting Storefront Signs for Your Business

New upgraded storefront signs

If you own a small business storefront, it’s crucial that the storefront signs are durable and long lasting. Having a poster board is not going to last for many years to come, so it’s important to invest in a durable and well-designed storefront sign to bring in new customers and have your current customers feel… Read more »

Free Advertising on Your Business Vehicles

Graphic design for fleet vehicles and businesses

Advertising and marketing services can be quite costly for your business, but they need to be done in order for your business to be successful. When looking to improve your advertising and marketing for your business, you have to look at all the viable options available. It’s important to understand that marketing and advertising can… Read more »

How to Stay Relevant in the Digital Advertising World

window signage for advertising your business

As a small business, it’s difficult to stay on top of all the marketing trends, but it’s also very difficult to adapt to many of the digital marketing trends. If you own a small business, digital marketing is crucial for your future success. If you’ve conducted your marketing in the traditional way for years, it’s… Read more »

The Benefits of Physical Advertising at Your Store

Storefront sign graphics

If you own a storefront and want to get your products and services out there more, a big way to help with that is with traditional and physical advertising products. We understand that the digital marketing world has a hold on the marketing industry when it comes to advertising your business or store, but there… Read more »

The Importance of Auto Re-styling

Whether you own a fleet of company vehicles or a couple trucks for your small business, it’s very important to have your brand shown on those vehicles. Customers appreciate the attractive design and advertising on the side of your vehicle, rather than blank space. This comes with great advantages for your business, and it will… Read more »